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Check out Touch Tiles for the BlackBerry Storm at ShopCrackBerry. Touch Tiles is a fast paced game of memorization, you race against the clock in an effort to complete each increasingly difficult level by touching matching tiles. Play for a high score by matching tiles before time runs out. Each level begins with a sneak […]

Touch Tiles


Touch Tile is the latest piece of software I’ve written and my first real release for the Blackberry Storm. It utilizes the touch screen to create a quick paced memory style game. If you are interested in giving me some feedback and doing some light beta testing please contact me and I’ll send you over […]

Very simple game; it’s a knock-off of the old board game memory. Race against the clock in increasingly difficult levels matching tiles to clear the board. I’m working on adding alternate play conditions to add something new to the genre.

Having problems setting up a timed action in your Blackberry program when using Timer() and schedule. Let me take a few moments to break down how to setup a recurring task utilizing TimerTask. A TimerTask is a set of actions that are called from a Timer that is running on a schedule. Timer theTimer = […]

I bought a Blackberry Storm off of Craigslist and am very happy with it. Except for the steep cost of developing for it. It costs $200 to create signed code that will run on most handsets, then to get it listed in their App Store it costs another $200. I’ll be happy with the phone […]

Download the new version below!

It’s a simple program for the T-Mobile Shadow to easily allow users to enable the Camera application to take Panorama photos. Check the box to enable it, un-check the box to disable it. You will have to restart your phone for the changes to be loaded. Use this at your own risk as making changes […]