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Missing: One Black Messenger Sling bag and Nintendo DS Lite. Last Seen: My Jeep on January 20th. That’s correct, my Nintendo DS development days (which were on the backburner) have come to an end as someone is enjoying my Nintendo DS in a way that I wasn’t. By stealing it. That’s correct folks, my DS […]

Here is a list of four retro-arcade games that could easily be developed to take advantage of the Nintendo DS’ special hardware features. The Nintendo DS’ touch-screen, microphone, wireless-play, and dual-screens could have turned some of the classics on their ear if only the DS had been released in the late 1980’s. In the late […]

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I’m an idiot


Officially, no more updates to any current DS or Hiptop programs. After quickly relenting to re-install Windows I soon discovered that I did not think ahead. I’ve wiped my system clean from a format and now have just realized that all my work was saved to that drive. I’m an idiot. I wanted to update […]

I’m certain we have all read at least once or twice in our web-existence, but now it’s something all Nintendo DS users can all add to; a list of Single-Card download games. What attracted me to the DS is now one stop shopping for what games to bring┬áthe next time I get together to […]

Not that I should ever, and I do mean ever, give tips on using Photoshop, I’m linking to one that answered a question I had for quite a long time. When creating a background for the Nintendo DS you should try very hard to follow an 8×8 grid to reduce the number of tiles your […]

Or should I say, an update shown in a picture. I’ve been putting more work into my latest DS game, still as yet untitled. Here is a quick screenshot just to let you see how it’s evolving. Also, I’m beginning a new DS project, I’m thinking that a remake of a Burger Time remake that […]