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After Danger released the latest version of their Simulator I was able to test the ability to load themes on the new devices. Here are some screen shots. This theme was made for the SK3 but is automatically fit to span the larger screen of the LX. The theme is one I made a while […]

Just a quick update on a new program in progress for the Sidekick 3. Remember. A pattern matching game with a few twists that are being worked out. I’m sure you’ve all played Simon, at it’s heart that’s what this game is, a few twists and turns and even a story mode. How ridiculous this […]

Due to my love of Pac Man C.E. for Xbox Live I decided to do something I’ve never done before. Create a Sidekick 3 theme celebrating the rebirth of the Pac Man franchise. Adding themes to your Sidekick 3 is easy; create a folder named “theme” at the root of your Mini SD card. Extract […]

Colorful Sidekick ID spotted in its full glory: a rebate form Filed under: Cellphones For some odd reason — and a most fortuitous one for us — the rebate team never seems to quite get in sync with the launch team for a good percentage of handset launches, giving us tantalizing glimpses at the future […]

That’s right, I do. I updated Chalkboard Jumble and posted it (along with source at for public consumption. I made a few slight changes but have yet to really dig deep to start developing for the Sidekick again. I tried the Blackberry platform and realized it’s not for me. I’m glad to be back […]

Missing: One Black Messenger Sling bag and Nintendo DS Lite. Last Seen: My Jeep on January 20th. That’s correct, my Nintendo DS development days (which were on the backburner) have come to an end as someone is enjoying my Nintendo DS in a way that I wasn’t. By stealing it. That’s correct folks, my DS […]

After my Sidekick died I switched to a very cheap Blackberry 7230. Not only is the 7230 very cheap it’s no comparision to the Sidekick. A tightly packed keyboard with keys too small for my fat fingers to type without constantly hitting the letters ‘A’ and ‘S’. I killed it pretty quickly by dropping the […]