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Missing: One Black Messenger Sling bag and Nintendo DS Lite. Last Seen: My Jeep on January 20th. That’s correct, my Nintendo DS development days (which were on the backburner) have come to an end as someone is enjoying my Nintendo DS in a way that I wasn’t. By stealing it. That’s correct folks, my DS […]

After having a quick chat about the iPhone with Apple’s VP of Applications (which by the title should be qualified to answer this question) Gizmodo was able to find out the question on many people’s mind. Will the iPhone be open for developers? The short answer is no. I’m certain that it will have some […]

No handwriting recognition, not a revolutionary PDA OS, not green. Not a Newton. But it is pretty neat, the iPhone by Apple. I’m certain that if you have ever visited this page before you have already heard about this next big thing from Apple. Some websites have been very quick to refer to the iPhone […]

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I had some updates to my Newtonscript tutorial that I was about to upload, but asked myself, does anyone really learn to program the green machine anymore? I think those times lost their luster with the fall of The Newtie Awards (which I did lose to a program that’s almost 8 years old). So is […]

Turns out the Newton is alive and kicking, and in full color. A video uploaded by a Newton user shows exactly how advanced the Newton was; in full color. Everything in this video was done with a Newton Messagepad 2000… the color, the music, everything. Used a EZ2VGA card to have the video out and […]

Turns out that has been thinking the same thing that I have all along, can today’s machines compete with the Newton? A great read for fans of portable computing and rabid fans of Apple’s 10-year-old son, Newton. We pitted the Apple Newton Messagepad against the latest Samsung Q1 ultra-mobile PC (Origami project), and — […]