Smoking Wallet

The Smoking Wallet is a tool to help you put a dollar amount to your tobacco habits. Every time you decide to smoke, press the button, see how many cigarettes you smoke on average and what that will cost you over a day, a month, a year.

This is just a tool to help you curb your habits by appealing to the logical side of the benefits of not smoking.

Stop Smoking - Main Screen

The main screen of Smoking Wallet; over time it will show a personalized spending overview of your smoking habits.

Stop Smoking - Main Screen

Everytime you press the button you make the decision to smoke, Smoking Wallet just makes sure you really want to smoke.

Stop Smoking - Calculator

A calculator to see how much you spend when you smoke cigarettes over a day, month, and year.

Stop Smoking - Preferences

In the Stop Smoking Preferences you must enter information about how you purchase your cigarettes - price per pack, cigarettes per pack - also you can enable Stop Smoking to show you ways to spend & save your money and enable Stop Smoking to show reminders on your phone of how much you are spending.


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