Hopper is a game played for the highest score possible. You begin in the middle of the game field and you move from one tile to the next up, down, left, or right a number of spaces equal to the current tiles value.

Some lily pads allow you to jump to any unvisited spot on the board, while others are tree stumps and don’t disappear after you have jumped on them – you also receive double points for every move to a stump.


17 Responses to “Hopper”

  1. 1 joseph katz

    can you add a mute option in the next beta version

  2. 3 rochelle lobl

    hi, I did the update for hopper, and now, I can’t get the sound, although, in prefeences, it’s set for sound. I enjoyed having the sound on. Do you know, how I can get it back? Thank u , Rochelle Lobl

  3. 4 Rochelle Lobl

    hi again, I see that the sound is ok, when, the game is done. I thought that it used to have a sound, when, the game began, that’s gone, but, the rest is ok. Thanks again Rochelle

  4. 5 Rochelle Lobl

    hi, now, the sound is off, even when the game is done. Pls advise, it’s making me crazy. Thanks

  5. I was too far into some changes to upload a corrected version immediately, but low and behold I just uploaded a new and improved bundle minutes ago, look for it to be approved shortly. Thanks for your patience and your very helpful feedback.

  6. 1.1 is available, update today!

    • 8 Hopper User

      When I go to the Palm App Catalog, it tells me that the app isn’t available for my device.

      • It is listed as being available for 1.4.5 devices only, please let me know what device and OS version you are using and I will work on a solution for your problem.

  7. 10 Rochelle Lobl

    thanks so much for the update. The soun is back, plus other features. This is one of my favourite games. Rochelle

  8. 12 michelle

    App won’t install! I’ve been stuck on “installing” for 2 hours, and there’s no way to cancel. Help!

    • I’ve installing it twice on the three devices I own and I haven’t been able to replicate the problem. Please try restarting your phone by holding the Option + Sym + R key and attempt installing again.

  9. 14 Rochelle Lobl

    hi, I’ve been enjoying playing Hopper in beta. With the newest update, it said, it can be purchased. But, it tales me to another app. When I type in Hopper in the app catalogue, it’s not there yet. I have the Palm Pixi. Pls advise if I can purchase it, and when? Thank you. Rochelle

    • I apologize for the program taking you to a different app in the catalog, I am submitting it to HP today and hope to have it available in the next 2 to 3 days. During testing I setup the link to go to a different program that is available but did not change it before I released the latest version. I am submitting an update today that will correct that and have additional updates.

      Thank you for letting me know and I hope to have the game available in the next few days.

  10. 16 Rochelle Lobl

    Hi, I’ve written you before. I know you told me the beta version expires on Thursday, and by then, the paid app should be in the catalogue. I was just wondering what if the paid version is not ready? Will the beta one stop working? I’m just curious. Thanks Rochelle

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