I haven’t paid the $100 to be able to write signed code that runs on the Blackberry yet so I am somewhat limited as to what I can put up for download as of right now. But, I did write something that I will find useful, maybe someone else will too.

It’s an application that vibrates every minute once you start the timer. With each passing minute the phone vibrates for longer and longer. You can keep track of time without having to check your watch or your phone by tracking the vibrations.

Since I do stand-up comedy I need to know how long I’ve been on stage and this helps to keep me on time without having to fumble with a watch.

Very simple but useful. I will upload the source later on (not that it means that much it’s a very simple program.) The biggest hurdle was understanding how to reschedule/reset TimerTask to start and stop when you press the button.

Comedy Timing


I bought a Blackberry Storm off of Craigslist and am very happy with it. Except for the steep cost of developing for it. It costs $200 to create signed code that will run on most handsets, then to get it listed in their App Store it costs another $200.

I’ll be happy with the phone but not willing to part with the money to write anything for it for the immediate future. One day I might, but for now I’ll just stick to writing jokes.

I took the plunge and did the pre-order for the latest Sidekick offering from T-Mobile. I even installed the latest SDK to see it in action. It’s absolutely amazing. The screen is massive and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

I have realized that almost all of my software and pictures have been removed and are no longer available. I’m in the process of searching through back-ups to find the missing items. You may not be able to download some programs at this time, but have patience as I get them uploaded again.

We have created The United Nation of Funny to support Stand-up Comedy in San Antonio, Texas. I haven’t had a chance to work on programming lately as I’ve been doing stand-up more and more.

Take a few moments to browse over and see what’s happening in San Antonio for Stand-Up.


I realize that I never fully uploaded all my old T-Mobile Shadow Programs;


Hopper for the T-Mobile Shadow

Color Keys

Key Shadow

Match Game


I hope everyone enjoys these simple games that are almost unplayable on any other Windows Mobile Standard Device.

AT&T Quickfire On Display

As we reported last night, the AT&T Quickfire is being sold early in a small rural market. Our ninja decided she would take a shot of the new UTStarcom device being displayed in an AT&T store. Drum roll please…

AT&T Quickfire In The Wild

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