Newton Software

Rush Hour – Puzzle Game. You’re stuck in traffic and can’t wait to get home, the problem is the roads are gridlocked. Take control of the other cars to clear a path home using as few moves as possible. Enjoy all 25 levels.

Hopper – Puzzle Game. Attempt to clear the screen of tiles by moving from tile to the next. You must move the exact number of tiles listed on the current tile. Watch out for dead ends and try to get the highest score possible. 

Planks – Puzzle Game. Finding youself stuck on the wrong side of a river you start building bridges where there are none. Using a few planks found nearby in conjunction with some fortunate tree stumps you must make your way to the opposite side of the river in as few moves as possible.

nControl – Nuitrition Log. The easiest way to track how healthy is your lifestyle. Begin by entering your health goals and then follow up by entering what you ate for the day, the amount of water you drank, what exercise, etc. And nControl will rate your performance for the day helping to keep you focused on your goals.

Shuffle – Puzzle Game. A simple tile moving game. Place the tiles in order from 1 to 15.


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  1. 1 SC

    I want to check out your Newton stuff, but all of the links appear to be broken.

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