Dragon Dice 

Dragon Dice – Not Available for download. Look for more information to be released at a later date.



Stacks – Not available for download. An easy way to learn something new by using stacks of cards to quiz yourself on and study by. You can download new stacks from the internet, exchange stacks with other Hiptop users and send questions to your friends to study by. Look for a release sometime soon.

Account select screen

Accountant – A very simple exercise in Money Management.Track up to three seperate accounts with simple controls for easy use.


AlphaKick – A quick fingered word game, attempt to score as many points as possible before time runs out.

Chalkboard Jumble

Chalkboard Jumble – A timed game of word building where you work to be the head of the class.

Phrase Charades

Phrase Charades – A party game where two teams try to reach 10 points by guessing words and phrases. Pass the Sidekick around the group and compete against the timer to be the winner.

Bid Lots

Bid Lots – Not Available for Download. A simple way to track eBay auctions on the Sidekick, with the ability to search for auctions, set bidding alarms, and track multiple auctions at once it is invaluable in getting the winning bid.


Staged – Not Available for Download. Staged is a rhythm game for the Sidekick where you press the button corresponding to the arrow on screen in time with the music. Right now at it’s most basic point but still a work in progress.

Waist Away


Waist Away – Not Available for Download. Waist Away is a simple Healthy Lifestyle tracker that allows for easy input of your daily nutritional, health, and exercise goals. Set a goal and watch your progress on a daily basis with Waist Away.




2 Responses to “Hiptop”

  1. 1 david pickett

    How do I get started with this development I don’t no where to start

  1. 1 simba scar

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