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AT&T Quickfire On Display As we reported last night, the AT&T Quickfire is being sold early in a small rural market. Our ninja decided she would take a shot of the new UTStarcom device being displayed in an AT&T store. Drum roll please… View Original Article Advertisements

The next version of the Apple Newton is a device that will be found in the far future on store shelves, but that won’t stop people from speculating today. At Computerworld they have a (rather generic) Photoshop of what the next Apple Newton may appear as. The device is shown as an iPhone turned sideways […]

You can read an excellent review of the T-Mobile Shadow at They go into great detail and have some nice things to say about the phone. Recommended reading if you are on the fence as to what your next T-Mobile cell phone should be.

I’ve been hard at work (since I’m spending a few days of well deserved vacation at home I have some free time) putting out one new Windows Mobile 6.0 program after another. It started with the points calculator, then came the reflexes game, and now comes Hoppper. Hopper is a new version of a game […]

Ever wanted to watch YouTube on your Windows Mobile Handheld / Smartphone and realized you can’t? Well this is a solution for you! YouTube Pocket will allow you to search all of YouTube in a mobile friendly format and stream the videos live in a fashion much similar to the iPhone. Best of all it […]

Speaking of challenging. Starting out programming using Visual Studio 2005 has been more complicated than I expected. I wrote everything previously in UltraEdit 32 so it’s had it growing pains. It started off complicated when I started to find my Visual Studio 2005 install discs, then installing required updates, and finally downloading the Windows Mobile […]

Turns out the new Zune 2.0 player is not affected by simple registry hacks. I’ve spent some time today looking around to see if adding in MPEG and Divx file types to the new Zune 2.0 software. Turns out I wasn’t able to succeed. As you can see from the screenshot I was able to […]