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I’m sorry I’ve let this site fall into the black abyss that is the internet. Wish I would have cared more. Wish I would have kept going. Really, I wish I could just close it all down. Advertisements

Recordable is a quick and easy to use program for creating voice recordings on the Blackberry Storm. Recordable, when set to a convenience key makes voice records a snap. Press the convenience key to start recording and press it again to stop. No need to look at the screen so your attention can be focused […]

I bought a Blackberry Storm off of Craigslist and am very happy with it. Except for the steep cost of developing for it. It costs $200 to create signed code that will run on most handsets, then to get it listed in their App Store it costs another $200. I’ll be happy with the phone […]

I took the plunge and did the pre-order for the latest Sidekick offering from T-Mobile. I even installed the latest SDK to see it in action. It’s absolutely amazing. The screen is massive and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

I have realized that almost all of my software and pictures have been removed and are no longer available. I’m in the process of searching through back-ups to find the missing items. You may not be able to download some programs at this time, but have patience as I get them uploaded again.

We have created The United Nation of Funny to support Stand-up Comedy in San Antonio, Texas. I haven’t had a chance to work on programming lately as I’ve been doing stand-up more and more. Take a few moments to browse over and see what’s happening in San Antonio for Stand-Up.

I realize that I never fully uploaded all my old T-Mobile Shadow Programs; Hopper Color Keys Match Game I hope everyone enjoys these simple games that are almost unplayable on any other Windows Mobile Standard Device.