Touch Tiles released for the Blackberry Storm.


Check out Touch Tiles for the BlackBerry Storm at ShopCrackBerry.

Touch Tiles is a fast paced game of memorization, you race against the clock in an effort to complete each increasingly difficult level by touching matching tiles. Play for a high score by matching tiles before time runs out.

Each level begins with a sneak peek at where all the tiles are located, when the timer starts you must touch – the game utilizes the touch screen of the Blackberry Storm and recognizes both the user touching or clicking – each matching tile. If you correctly touch two matching tiles then you score points. If you make an incorrect match you suffer a penalty and the tiles flip back over.

Some levels feature twists on the basic rules for more difficult game play. Standard levels have a sneak peek of all the tiles before the timer starts, only the game tiles are shown, and when you make a correct match the tiles remain face up. Hidden levels play like standard levels but when you make a correct match the tiles are turned face down. All Tiles on Board levels have all 20 tiles on the board but only some of the tiles are matching pairs. No sneak peek levels are the most difficult as they play like normal levels but you don’t receive a sneak peek at the beginning.

You gain more points for getting more matches in a row as well as completing a level without making any mistakes. You can also earn Awards by meeting specific criteria; i.e. getting seven matches in a row, finishing a level perfectly, getting an incredibly high score. The Awards system allows for re-playability as you try again and again to unlock more and more awards.

You high scores are tracked over multiple games as well as your overall total score, total play time, and total number of games played. These numbers factor in to earned some of the toughest Awards the game has to offer.

40 levels of increasingly difficultly
Track your high score for each level
Earn awards for beating specific criteria
Numerous rules makes each level different from the last
Challenging but easy to play

Touch Tiles - In Game Screen

Touch Tiles - In Game Screen


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