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Having problems setting up a timed action in your Blackberry program when using Timer() and schedule. Let me take a few moments to break down how to setup a recurring task utilizing TimerTask. A TimerTask is a set of actions that are called from a Timer that is running on a schedule. Timer theTimer = […]

I haven’t paid the $100 to be able to write signed code that runs on the Blackberry yet so I am somewhat limited as to what I can put up for download as of right now. But, I did write something that I will find useful, maybe someone else will too. It’s an application that […]

I bought a Blackberry Storm off of Craigslist and am very happy with it. Except for the steep cost of developing for it. It costs $200 to create signed code that will run on most handsets, then to get it listed in their App Store it costs another $200. I’ll be happy with the phone […]