AT&T Tilt working with T-Mobile


I’ve switched, goodbye from the Shadow hello to the Tilt.

I’m incredibly satisfied and plan to use it happily until the Shadow 2 is released then I will re-evaluate my phone choice. So until further notice I won’t be updating any software I’ve written for the Shadow, but I will be zipping it all up and uploading it as well.

Best of luck Shadow users; until T-Mobile fixes the Shadow I’m outta here:

  • Better battery
  • Better scroll wheel integration
  • Faster processor
  • Fewer lock ups
  • Don’t not Font
  • Fewer phone issues (multiple returns for defective units)
  • More user control over phone (keypad LED & home screen contents)

May not seem like much but it’s enough for me to look elsewhere for the time being.

Thanks for everything.


One Response to “AT&T Tilt working with T-Mobile”

  1. 1 saul

    just wanted to let you know…
    -theres a free extended battery from t-mobile!
    -t-mo software update fixxed the font/don’t problem

    so at least thats some good news about the shadow!

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