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Looks like Microsoft is reducing options and increasing capabilities as Danger has formally agreed to be purchased by Microsoft. What larks for me, since I’ve recently fallen in love with Windows Mobile and have always had a long standing relationship with Danger’s Hiptop. I’m excited to see where this goes since the Hiptop and Windows […]

Sony is releasing a new cell phone that looks like a beautiful combination of Hiptop and Windows Mobile. The phone has a sliding keyboard and an angled screen with a high resolution touchscreen. The Sony Xperia X1 will be available sometime mid 2008. It looks like the Sony Mylo was just the opening salvo in […]

Yes, you too can now update your T-Mobile Shadow with system improvements, various media, and ring tones. I’m looking for all the differences between the old and new system and am pleased with what I’ve seen so far. A few updates to the Connection menu, the ability to edit your personal dictionary from the * […]