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I haven’t been able to program a single thing lately, with work changing up tremendously lately I’ll have even less time than before. With the reduction in time I’m going to release my few programs over the next few days and update them later on when things quiet down. Enjoy the first one available only […]

a list view on the start menu. Simple as can be, install the program and select which options you want to enable. Once you have selected your options choose Restart Phone from the menu to show the changes. Simple enough isn’t it? If anyone has any other registry hacks contact me and I’ll add them […]

Thanks to InsideMicrosoft we now have a well-written well-informed article exposing the features in development for the next version of Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile 7 will use touch gestures, similar to how the iPhone does. You will be able to flick through lists, pan, swipe sideway, draw on the screen. A lot of emphasis has […]