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The next version of the Apple Newton is a device that will be found in the far future on store shelves, but that won’t stop people from speculating today. At Computerworld they have a (rather generic) Photoshop of what the next Apple Newton may appear as. The device is shown as an iPhone turned sideways […]

“How do you take the screen shots of your software running on the Shadow?” The answer is an amazing piece of software developed by, Pocket Controller Pro. Pocket Controller Pro allows you to connect and interact with your Windows Mobile device by USB. The software on your computer displays what is on your Shadow […]

You can read an excellent review of the T-Mobile Shadow at They go into great detail and have some nice things to say about the phone. Recommended reading if you are on the fence as to what your next T-Mobile cell phone should be.

It’s a simple program for the T-Mobile Shadow to easily allow users to enable the Camera application to take Panorama photos. Check the box to enable it, un-check the box to disable it. You will have to restart your phone for the changes to be loaded. Use this at your own risk as making changes […]

Get your T-Mobile Shadow information over at Now with 100% more forum goodness.

Smart Travels. An easy way to categorize a trip using photos, text, and a unique ranking system. It’s mainly in the planning stages but quite a bit is complete. Just got back from a vacation recently and had trouble remembering parts of it. So I thought, what can I do to stop people from suffering […]

Over at they have an article on how one would go about being able to share an MP3 with other Zune owners without having to worry about the three play limit. Seems easy enough. Read the whole article at One of the early complaints about the WiFi sharing ability on the Zune was […]