Look a new program for the Shadow.


HopperI’ve been hard at work (since I’m spending a few days of well deserved vacation at home I have some free time) putting out one new Windows Mobile 6.0 program after another. It started with the points calculator, then came the reflexes game, and now comes Hoppper.

Hopper is a new version of a game I made a long long long time ago for the Apple Newton. Did I mention that I made it a long time ago? Farther back than that, it almost predates my website even.

The premise of Hopper is simple, you move around the board trying to clear as many tiles as possible. You can only move up, down, left, and right an exact number of spaces listed on the current tile.

The game is not available for download yet but it will be soon. Check back soon for updates, for now take a quick look at the screen shot I took on the Windows Mobile emulator.


One Response to “Look a new program for the Shadow.”

  1. Hey, looks interesting. Let me know when it’s available for download and I’ll post about it on allshadow.com


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