My Shadow is my new Sidekick.


I’ve moved away-once again-to a new phone. The T-Mobile Shadow. I’m looking for something with a bit more expansion capability where more people would have access to my software. My wife did upgrade to the LX so I plan on porting all the software I’ve written so far to work on it once SKDR is updated to allow 4.0 and 4.4 bundles.

Also, for my opinion I like the build quality of the Slide; the slide action, the slightly rubberized back, the location of the headset speaker, and the loudspeaker on the back is very clear – but I didn’t care for the Slide when compared to the LX. The price point of the two devices isn’t a large enough divide to give customers two real choices. My wife originally wanted to try out the Slide to see how the smaller size would work out for her, after 4 days of the device randomly restarting she realized that she wanted the LX.

T-Mobile was very nice and friendly during the exchange process and encouraged us to come back if we weren’t completely satisfied.

I ended up with a Shadow and she with the LX. We will see who made the right choice in the future.


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