The new Sidekicks…time to upgrade.


With the release of the latest members of the Hiptop family quickly approaching I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade. I’ve read the initial reactions to the new Sidekick LX and am quite pleased with what I’ve seen and heard. The recently released photos of the LX and Slide are certainly an eye candy upgrade to the Sidekick 3 (by no means is the LX or Slide going to revolutionize Danger’s handset it would be considered more of an evolution – similar to the Hiptop 3 vs. Hiptop 2), especially the release of two distinct color choices available at launch without requiring an additional $100 investment.

The colors are blue and brown (let’s hope the brown Sidekick isn’t affectionately referred to as “The turd” like my brown Zune is) and the differences from the 3 to the LX are immediately noticeable, at least to the trained eye.

  • The larger screen jumps out at you when you compare the pictures side by side. The LX screen fills up the swivel while the SK3 keeps a large black border.
  • The keyboard appears to have regressed to the SK2 keyboard, utilizing rubber keys instead of the plastic chicklet keys of the SK3.
  • The battery cover matches the front of the SK to the back, except with a weird looking brown leather pattern extending from one side to the other.

The differences go on much deeper than what’s instantly visible; the LX uses MicroSD, can do MMS (technology found on most cell phone, but strangely lacking from the SK3 and SK3), and although is roughly the same size in length and width is much slimmer than it was before.


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