Themes on the new Sidekicks?


After Danger released the latest version of their Simulator I was able to test the ability to load themes on the new devices. Here are some screen shots. This theme was made for the SK3 but is automatically fit to span the larger screen of the LX. The theme is one I made a while back and posted on

Theme menu from the Sidekick LXA SK3 theme on the Sidekick LX

The theme selector in use on the Sidekick SlideA theme applied to the Sidekick Slide.

As you can see the larger screen is noticeably larger in the above screens. To load the themes you place a folder named themes in your removable0 folder, exactly like you would for you would normally load themes.


6 Responses to “Themes on the new Sidekicks?”

  1. 1 Ed

    Yep, and we’ve already got a site up with themes to download and a theme creator at Yay for the sim!

  2. 2 kim

    how do i do it for a sidekick slide

  3. 3 shawn

    I loaded new themes on my slide and followed the directions but they show up in the theme folder on my sdkcard but not when i select backgrounds? what am i doing wrong.?

  4. 4 Krushol

    Im having the same problem with my sidekick slide.. I could do it all the time with the sk3, but it won’t show up in the backgrounds in my phone with the slide…

  5. create a folder on ur desktop called themes,then create another themes folder in ur phone which shud be named after a removeable disk .then go to or with any of ur sidekicks. after that download the 1 yu want and save it in yur themes folder. then make sure ur sidekick is connected to yur computer. then go to ur themes folder and click on the theme yu want right click it and go to extract all. then save it to ur themes folder thats in ur phone thats named the removeable disk. and press ok
    wait for it to load then unplug ur phone and go to menu backrounds and it shud be there.
    works for me:)
    tell me if it works for yu:)

  6. 6 benni

    when you download a theme you have to save it to a folder on your PC first then you right click the theme and extract to your slide with the folder named theme. you dont download the files straight to your slide.

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