Media Center recordings now sync in Zune player.


I changed just a few keys in the registry and now I’m able to sync .DVR-MS files to the Zune using Zune player only. The quality is amazing and it syncs the episode description as well. I have tried this on a computer running Windows XP and a computer using Vista Premium with the same successful results.

You can download the DVR-MS registry hack from here or you can get the AVI and DVR-MS registry hack in one file from here. Or you can create it yourself by copying and pasting:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

“MediaType.Description”=”Microsoft Recorded TV Show”
“MediaType.Icon”=”C:\\Program Files\\Zune\\ZuneLoc.dll,-736”

Of course when changing your registry always be careful and take precautions, i.e. back up your registry, only make these edits if you are familiar with what you are doing. Once you have made your registry file or downloaded the one from above Zune player will be able to recognize DVR-MS files but not be able to play them.

To begin with you need to add your “Recorded TV” folder to your watch list in Zune player. Press F3 and then select “Add Folder” and browse to your Recorded TV folder. Select “OK” to close the screen and Zune player will automatically search for content in the watched folders. You will soon see recorded television shows appear in your video library.

Select which files you would like to covert and drag to your sync list and connect your Zune. Select “Start Sync” and wait some time and it’s complete.

This isn’t the fastest way to convert files for playing on the Zune but it is one of the easiest since it only requires the Zune player to convert and copy content for watching videos on the go.

This has worked for me and am looking forward to hearing success stories from others in the near future. Best of luck.


4 Responses to “Media Center recordings now sync in Zune player.”

  1. I did copy this from site, then travelled back in to the past 3 days before you posted it and posted it to my blog.

    I have magical time traveling powers and this is the best way I could figure out how to use them, by copying from your blog.

    Jason, How can u do it???? I haven’t had a petty internet squabble in quite some time, this is more fun than I remembered.

  2. 3 maywayhuj

    I have followed the directions to update registry and failed misarably.
    I can see imported tv shows but they did not convert – just get red circle with X in the middle. Does anyone have a suggestion?

  3. I might counsel always talking with a pro before installing cctv

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