With XNA and these tips, my game will sure to be picked up.


How to Get Your Game on XBLA

XBLA Games Portfolio Planner David Edery recently discussed the ins and outs of XBLA games with Gamasutra, including a few pointers on just what types of new games are most likely to make the cut. There are the obvious requirements, of course, like taking good advantage of the Live service, being easy to learn, and not demanding too much of a player’s time, but Edery also had a few other pointers for budding XBLA game developers:

There are definitely specific games that we’re looking for, and game types that we’re looking for more of. Some examples:

1) Non-combat, cooperative multiplayer games (as I mentioned earlier).
2) More board games.
3) More “experimental” games and models of gameplay, in general.

You hear that, people? More. Board. Games. Get crackin’.

Q&A: David Edery on Xbox Live Arcade Strategy

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