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Colorful Sidekick ID spotted in its full glory: a rebate form Filed under: Cellphones For some odd reason — and a most fortuitous one for us — the rebate team never seems to quite get in sync with the launch team for a good percentage of handset launches, giving us tantalizing glimpses at the future […]

Click the Zune tab at the top of the page and download to your hearts content.

That’s right, I do. I updated Chalkboard Jumble and posted it (along with source at for public consumption. I made a few slight changes but have yet to really dig deep to start developing for the Sidekick again. I tried the Blackberry platform and realized it’s not for me. I’m glad to be back […]

You need to use the official Divx codec that can be downloaded from From the responses that I’ve received it seems that the problem is using anything other than the official Divx codec (either a hacked version from a Codec pack or Xvid) will cause problems with the ability to convert files for the […]

Mizuguchi’s Every Extend Extra Extreme announced for XBLA Filed under: Microsoft Xbox 360, Action, Online, Puzzle, GDC, Rhythm, Galleries It was never going to be Rez, and we knew it — not unless Q has surprises for us — but Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s next bound-for-XBLA opus does have sufficient neon-on-black to make us very happy Marketplace […]

To begin: if you are not comfortable taking your computer’s well-being into your own hands then do not follow the following instructions. Making changes to your computer’s registry can cause many serious problems, you are warned. To begin with you need to have a registry entry to merge with your computer’s registry. What we will […]

I changed just a few keys in the registry and now I’m able to sync .DVR-MS files to the Zune using Zune player only. The quality is amazing and it syncs the episode description as well. I have tried this on a computer running Windows XP and a computer using Vista Premium with the same […]