Lost, Gone, Not Where It Should Be.



One Black Messenger Sling bag and Nintendo DS Lite.

Last Seen:

My Jeep on January 20th.

That’s correct, my Nintendo DS development days (which were on the backburner) have come to an end as someone is enjoying my Nintendo DS in a way that I wasn’t. By stealing it. That’s correct folks, my DS and the bag my loving wife bought me for Christmas is gone.

My wife had to special order a replacement bag for me because I lost my previous one with a “horrible lunch accident” where the bag had to give up it’s life to save my DS and PSP. So she went out searched out a few malls unsuccessfully and ended up ordering it for me, only to have my negligence in locking my Jeep’s doors have it end up missing.

Good bye DS, Supercard, and PassKey. Goodbye to the 1GB SD card I barely knew. The 52 hour save of playing Advance Wars DS – best wishes. The ability to try out the latest version of ScummVM – aloha. I hope whoever has it now enjoys it as much as I did and can figure out why the power light doesn’t work anymore. The green light never lit up after the “horrible lunch accident” similar to someone suffering from PTSD.

The score after losing the T-Mobile Sidekick, Blackberry 7230, the Samsung YEPP YH-999, and Nintendo DS is : Fate |||| vs. Me || – I keep having to replace things that I keep losing so now all I have left are the PSP and the Blackberry 7100t; only until Fate decides to take them from me.

One Response to “Lost, Gone, Not Where It Should Be.”

  1. 1 Michael Simon

    Hello Mr. Burks.
    I am writing an article for Mac/Life about the impact of Newton’s failures on iPhone’s development, and I’m hoping you can impart some of your wisdom.
    Please e-mail me at morlium@mac.com if you’d like to contribute.
    Michael Simon

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