Did I mention I killed the 7230?


After my Sidekick died I switched to a very cheap Blackberry 7230. Not only is the 7230 very cheap it’s no comparision to the Sidekick. A tightly packed keyboard with keys too small for my fat fingers to type without constantly hitting the letters ‘A’ and ‘S’. I killed it pretty quickly by dropping the beaters from an electric mixer directly on the screen whilst trying to bake cookies for my employees. Not only did the cookies taste horrible, but I was once again, without phone.

I then moved on to a freebie phone from my wife’s co-worker which lasted just long enough to get my hands on a … nother Blackberry. This time one slightly more advanced the 7100t. I remember when Papa John’s was giving them away (for the Cingular network granted, but still the same phone). I’m enjoying it so far, simple to use, the Suretype keyboard works better than I could have imagined and it is pretty snappy with grabbing things off the internet. But…

My biggest complaint about the Sidekick was the closed off development cycle, being unable to develop software for public consumption which was a big part of the reason I decided to stop developing for the Sidekick. For the Blackberry the problem is that NOTHING is available for free. A few things here and there, but really, nothing of any real value. There are quite a few programs out there for the Blackberry, some of which are great programs built on novel ideas, while others just charge 5.00 to let you download something of questionable value.

Turns out you can’t have it both ways, but for the moment I’m fine with that and plan on sticking with my 7100t, at least till the Sidekick 2.5 comes out.

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