The iPhone, what a sad way to start your life.


After having a quick chat about the iPhone with Apple’s VP of Applications (which by the title should be qualified to answer this question) Gizmodo was able to find out the question on many people’s mind. Will the iPhone be open for developers?

The short answer is no. I’m certain that it will have some extensibility but it will be handled very similar to the Sidekick. Software has and continues to be released for the Hiptop worldwide, of course the amount of software available is a drop in the bucket compared to a true PDA-Phone hybrid, but the software is an afterthought for most users. I have two friends who still own Sidekicks and have never installed a single program.

I’m certain Sidekick users are not the original consumer target of the iPhone but I have a feeling a few users will switch to Cingular (by the time the iPhone launches Cingular is stated to be rebranded as AT&T) to try it out.

Does anyone remember the Samusng i300? A Palm powered phone released by Sprint way back in the day? I actually owned one of these and I appreciated the ability to load software on the phone, I enjoyed the full digital display for entering text, and I thought it had a nice apperance for the time. What I hated more than anything was the display, as with any LCD it is more difficult to view outdoors, especially in direct sunlight. For dialing the phone outside I would rather spend time praying that the person I needed to speak with would call me instead of me trying to correctly select what essentially was me trying to dial a 10-digit random lottery number. I’m certain that times have changed, but the Samsung i300 showed me a glimpse of the future: my fingers are always dirty and will always smudge LCD screens, when your main concern when using your phone is to not scratch the screen that takes up 80% of the front you become slightly uptight, and half the fun of a new gadget is seeing what limit you can push it to and not just enjoying the device for it’s sole intended purpose.

I have already owned an i300 and if the iPhone not available to develop for then I think I will keep looking for the next gadget to buy for myself.

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