Ooops, my Sidekick is no more.


I decided to take a picture of my Sidekick II to put an end to who would win in a “Dog VS. Technology” fight to the end. The dog, a 14 pound Shih-Tzu, the technology, a Danger-Sharp collaborative effort called the Sidekick II.

Check the pic, as I say my final good-bye.


Surprisingly enough it was a fitting farewell since I learned so much. The keyboard, attached with a very sticky mucous like glue, illuminated by dozens of amber colored LEDs, and buttons that reach much farther into the device than you would imagine. The buttons are probably 2/3’s of an inch deep, I’m guessing they have to account for the space the screen and keyboard take up. Oh well, goodbye for real now, since there is no going back.

I did use the phone for a few days after all this occured; I was only able to dial speed-dial numbers and answer calls blindly but it did work just as well as it did before the battle occured.


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