Does anyone learn to program anymore?


I had some updates to my Newtonscript tutorial that I was about to upload, but asked myself, does anyone really learn to program the green machine anymore? I think those times lost their luster with the fall of The Newtie Awards (which I did lose to a program that’s almost 8 years old).

So is it true? Does no one learn Newtonscript anymore, not something you can place on an application/resume that would turn heads and it has no real world significance (aside from the geek jealousy it provides in meeting a fellow user).


10 Responses to “Does anyone learn to program anymore?”

  1. I am currently learning NewtonScript! We’re still out here! I’m actually working on a hardware improvement/hack/modification to embed a Bluetooth Serial Port Profile bridge inside the Newton. To PCs, bluetooth SPP ports appear as standard COM ports, and are indistinguishable from a wired serial port to any Windows app. I hope to have something presentable by the end of the month.

  2. Hullo, another NewtonScript newbie here. I picked up a MP2000 on a lark, and am currently teaching myself Newtonscript out of curiousity.

  3. Heh, I see you’re from San Antonio, too. Small world, eh?

  4. 4 Kevin

    I just got myself an MP2100 to get away from all of the WinCE and Palm units I’ve traditionally carried. My MP120 was purchased on a lark a few years ago but I’ve only recently learned just how functional these are! I decided to tackle NewtonScript partly out of curiousity and partly to get a better idea how to squeeze more advanced functionality out of my aging V1.0.4 copy of Leverage. We’re definitely still out here!

  5. It certainly is a small world, but it is bigger small world in Texas.

  6. 6 Tony

    you update the tutorial and I’ll give it a crack

  7. 7 fdumlao

    Yes! I just bought an emate 300 and can’t wait to get hacking on that thing to see what I can make it do. It has a serial port so I am betting I can get it to hook up to all kinds of things.

    The only problem is where on earth do I find documentation for programming it??

  8. 8 Franco Borgo

    I have just started and I am happy to find your tutorial.
    I will definitly take a look. Thank you.

  9. 9 Bernard Devlin

    I’ve just picked up a MP2000 and a MP2001 for the first time. I know I’m really, really late to the party, but wow… what a tool. I’ve used Psions/Communicators for years, but finally accepted that the keyboard is really not adequate for quick and easy input, and the screens really don’t display PDFs properly (I’ve given up reading PDFs on handhelds). And hey, now I’m looking to learn Newtonscript, and that’s how I shipped up here.

  10. I’m learning how to handle the green eyed beast … just got me a 2100, and it’s really spiffy. I’m mostly playing around with it, but I will use it for writing, so I suspect it might be a good idea to have a clue how to script small things on it.

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