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I’m an idiot


Officially, no more updates to any current DS or Hiptop programs. After quickly relenting to re-install Windows I soon discovered that I did not think ahead. I’ve wiped my system clean from a format and now have just realized that all my work was saved to that drive. I’m an idiot. I wanted to update […]

I had some updates to my Newtonscript tutorial that I was about to upload, but asked myself, does anyone really learn to program the green machine anymore? I think those times lost their luster with the fall of The Newtie Awards (which I did lose to a program that’s almost 8 years old). So is […]

Thanks to we can see the Mylo in action, and I’m quite impressed with what I have to see as well. You may lose the always connected option of the Sidekick but you gain quite a bit in the process (including the need to purchase more Memory Sticks…ugh) including Skype access. My main question […]

Sony Mylo Well, turns out that Sony is plan on adopting all the technology I can handle in one easy to use device. What is this supposed to be a Sidekick / PSP device?

I’m certain we have all read at least once or twice in our web-existence, but now it’s something all Nintendo DS users can all add to; a list of Single-Card download games. What attracted me to the DS is now one stop shopping for what games to bring┬áthe next time I get together to […]