The Newton is still a contender


Turns out that has been thinking the same thing that I have all along, can today’s machines compete with the Newton? A great read for fans of portable computing and rabid fans of Apple’s 10-year-old son, Newton.

We pitted the Apple Newton Messagepad against the latest Samsung Q1 ultra-mobile PC (Origami project), and — despite being a decade old — the Newton won.

Ten-year-old Apple Newton beats latest Windows UMPC – Crave at

I had a chance to visit a Sony Style store (weak name) at the local up-scale mall (for San Antonio residents I’m talking about The Shops at La Cantera) and was quite impressed with the new Sony Vaio UX Micro PC (I’ve talked about it in the past and so has Engadget) and was quite impressed. Unfortunately I am not part of the upper eschelon who can drop almost two thousand dollars on a screen that I have to squint at that won’t fit in my pocket.

Excellent work Newton, you can’t even see the wrinkles forming as you run circles around the competition.

p.s. Anyone have a suggestion on where to purchase a new battery tray for my Newton 2100?

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One Response to “The Newton is still a contender”

  1. Re: battery trays, there’s always eBay, but that’s pretty hit-or-miss. One retailer I’ve tracked down may have a tray in stock:

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