More Source to Distribute!


Here is the source and all files related to my game for the T-Mobile Sidekick, Chalkboard Jumble. What great fun it was working on it, and how much it changed from the first release (which was going to use the Scoll wheel and D-Pad to move chalk around on the board to select letters – very involved) to what it is now. Take what you can from it, all I ask is that if you make it big with something you find inside let me know. Best of luck to one and all and if you have any questions about the code please ask I’d love to help out.

I just won’t help out with Referrals. Please don’t ask, if you want one I’ve done all I can to help you get one by posting source and offering to answer programming questions. Just to clarify, “Hey, can you refer me for a Dev Key?” will not be answered, buy a book (personally I recommend Head First Java) and learn a little bit, then submit an app. That’s my referral for you to get a dev key.

On to better things….

Chalkboard Jumble

One Response to “More Source to Distribute!”

  1. 1 kcoury

    I appreciate all the source you’ve contributed, it helps me out a lot to look at working examples and then see how everything comes together. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to develop something like you have. Thanks again and take care!

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