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Here is the source and all files related to my game for the T-Mobile Sidekick, Chalkboard Jumble. What great fun it was working on it, and how much it changed from the first release (which was going to use the Scoll wheel and D-Pad to move chalk around on the board to select letters – […]

Not that I should ever, and I do mean ever, give tips on using Photoshop, I’m linking to one that answered a question I had for quite a long time. When creating a background for the Nintendo DS you should try very hard to follow an 8×8 grid to reduce the number of tiles your […]

Or should I say, an update shown in a picture. I’ve been putting more work into my latest DS game, still as yet untitled. Here is a quick screenshot just to let you see how it’s evolving. Also, I’m beginning a new DS project, I’m thinking that a remake of a Burger Time remake that […]

I’m still getting a new phone, I’m just waiting a little bit longer than I thought I would need to, but like I promised, here’s some source code. I decided that I would upload Accountant first, since it was the main reason I started programming the Sidekick. Enjoy a fully compiled bndl file and the […]