A New DS project.


I'm working on my first shoot-em-up, with a twist. It's going to be a cross between a standard top down shoot-em-up and a puzzle game. I just started working on it today and decided that I'd post what I've done.

So without further ado I present, nameless puzzle shooter game.

shoot.ds.gba shoot.nds

Puzzle Shooter

For right now it has some very simple rules. You get points when you shoot the topmost block. You can only score when the box is lit up and it is only lit up when the other two boxes are moving. To stop a box from moving or to start a box moving once again all you have to do is shoot it. The A-button and the L-trigger shoot and the ship moves with the D-Pad or the Stylus.


One Response to “A New DS project.”

  1. This game is off to a good start! What are your plans for the next release? I think a good addition would be some blocks that have to be stopped, while other blocks have to be moving, in order to be able to score by shooting the top block.

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