The Simpad…by Apple?


I'm the last person on earth to find out about this, pictures released from Januaray of the Apple OS running on the SIMpad. The SIMpad for those not in the know is a handheld tablet weighing a little over two pounds (compared to the lithe Newton 2X00 at 1.4 pounds) that was made to access information with a purported excellent web browser.

Well in the pictures, which can be seen here and here. Its running the Newton OS at a very small resolution. The SIMpad has a native resolution of 800×600 while the Newton has a resolution of 480×320 but in the picture it looks as if it's running at almost a third of it's native resolution. Still it's a work in progress, so what can you say about it. I will admit that it's made me hit eBay once again in an attempt to reclaim a little Newton hardware for the household.

Surprisingly enough I wasn't the first person to see these pics and think, "Now if they could just get it to run on the DS".


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