Well, never thought this day would come…


Turns out on this month will be my last as a proud sidekick owner. I need a new phone and am unwilling to wait any longer for the Sidekick 3. I was going to drop the Sidekick back in October but realized that the new one could be out in just a few months and six months later, nothing.

My Sidekick has seen better days, the Jump button doesn’t work as well, the paint has flaked off considerably, and I’m somewhat tired of not being able to use speed dial with out needing both hands free. From what I’ve heard of the Sk3 it sounds great, removable media, music playback, and the ability to control cats. Or at least that’s what it looked like in the picture I saw.

I was Danger nothing but the best, its always nice to see a company put out such a quality product and is based in the US. Maybe after my two-year contract with some other cell-phone company is over i’ll try once again with a Hiptop. By that time their exclusive contract with T-Mobile will be up and maybe my new provider will be selling them. Of course it won’t be called the Sidekick, that’s T-Mobile’s term.

If anyone at Danger reads this and its not past the end of April call me up if you need someone to test the SK3. Otherwise I’m being forced to move on.

On a related note, I’m going to be posting everything I’ve written to my site, source code and bndls for public consumption. So you too can see what a hackneyed job I did kearning Java and Hiptop development. Keep an eye out for it in the next few weeks.

I’m still working on DS programming and am about to start back on the Newton. I used the Newton daily when I went to school and I should start back in the next few months. So look for some updates in both those areas.

Thanks for almost 3 years of great fun Danger. Signing off for my last post from my flippy little friend.


One Response to “Well, never thought this day would come…”

  1. I was online a read about your side kick issue!
    That is what I use a sidekick.
    I love it alot

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