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I'm working on my first shoot-em-up, with a twist. It's going to be a cross between a standard top down shoot-em-up and a puzzle game. I just started working on it today and decided that I'd post what I've done. So without further ado I present, nameless puzzle shooter game. shoot.ds.gba shoot.nds For right now […]

So maybe I am still in the running to upgrade to the latest revealed information on the Sidekick 3. Shiny black, mini-SD slot, bluetooth (really?), and a very nice look using the same amazing interface. Check out Engadget for more information over here. Man is it a beautiful thing.

I'm the last person on earth to find out about this, pictures released from Januaray of the Apple OS running on the SIMpad. The SIMpad for those not in the know is a handheld tablet weighing a little over two pounds (compared to the lithe Newton 2X00 at 1.4 pounds) that was made to access […]

Turns out on this month will be my last as a proud sidekick owner. I need a new phone and am unwilling to wait any longer for the Sidekick 3. I was going to drop the Sidekick back in October but realized that the new one could be out in just a few months and […]