If you could fold an apple in half…


Then you might be able to turn a Newton into Origami. Origami for those of you who don’t know is Microsoft’s replacement for the PDA/Cell Phone/GPS/Laptop, about the size of a book, covering a lot of the same features as your home PC, and built with the lessons learned from the Tablet PC. Does sound quite familar to the Apple Newton doesn’t it?

They say the Origami will be able to do mundane tasks; photo editing, listening to music, browsing the web, and sending e-mail. To go on sale later this year for $500 to $800 dollars; and for that price it will have to be much more than a PDA–the Palm E2 can do all those features for less than $200 and the Nokia 770 Tablet (which I reported about earlier) for under $400 (less than $250 on eBay). Sales forcasts are steep, 100 million will be sold before 2008, and I for one have a wait and see attitude before I plop down hard earned Washingtons. I also remember the Newton had lofty sales goals too-somewhere in the millions-but only managing to sell around 120,000 units after a year and a half; which is the same amount of time the Origami will sell 100 million.

If you have yet to see what the first Origami device looks like check out an article at http://msmobiles.com/news.php/4963.html which has screen caps from a video leaked by the video’s creator, but promptly yanked from their site before the masses could see it.


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