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Turns out the Sidekick is helping Fox with it’s latest comedy The Loop. Unlike other shows that use the Sidekick is strange ways (MTV’s Real World/Road Rules The Gauntlet 2 which has them reading outgoing text messages like they are incoming) The Loop actually uses the Sidekick correctly. From the swivel sound of the screen […]

Then you might be able to turn a Newton into Origami. Origami for those of you who don’t know is Microsoft’s replacement for the PDA/Cell Phone/GPS/Laptop, about the size of a book, covering a lot of the same features as your home PC, and built with the lessons learned from the Tablet PC. Does sound […]

Check out a newer version of MatchingDS at the links below. I am working on cleaning things up a bit as well as lengthing the actual game play. I’m working on adding the remaining versions but I’m at a wall that’s too high to jump at the moment, so please keep checking back. MatchingDS.nds      MatchingDS.ds.gba

It may be a new game that I’m working on, but it follows the tired idea of naming Nintendo DS games after the device itself. Deadly Siege will make use of the shape recognition recently added to the DS that puts you in control of building a castle and destroying attacking armies using the stylus […]