Something new…maybe?


I’m working on a new game for the Sidekick. It will hopfully incorporate online functionality in the future. Some of you may recognize where I’m going with it by the screenshot. I’m hoping to approach SFR Inc. to see where it may go once I’m farther along with it.


Dragon Dice




3 Responses to “Something new…maybe?”

  1. 1 Gutter

    Hey I came to check out your web page and saw this 🙂 Damn i’ve played that game so much! I still have some die somewhere around (lost in my Magic box I’d guess)

    Hopefully SFR will like what they see!

  2. 2 Michael

    I hope they do too, for right now I’m just working up the basics; I’m about to add the network play functions and then I’m going to contact SFR.

    I started this after I found a lonely die around my house a while back and thought, now that’s a game I’d love to play again. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to fix the one problem everyone has with it, the rules aren’t written on the dice so you have to memorize them or keep them handy.

  3. 3 domo1

    I also was just stopping by to see what was being talked about on your website. I think it would be a nice game to add to the catalog for the sidekick, the idea of a *old* game being available is good but hopefully for all the users like myself that have never played this game it won’t be that hard to understand.

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