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I’m working on a new game for the Sidekick. It will hopfully incorporate online functionality in the future. Some of you may recognize where I’m going with it by the screenshot. I’m hoping to approach SFR Inc. to see where it may go once I’m farther along with it.       Advertisements

Here’s my first program for the Nintendo DS, Nameless Matching Game. It’s certainly a work in progress but for now it’s simple enough for a limited release. The object of the game is to touch matching squares as quickly as possible. You race against the clock to get the highest score possible. It only has […]

As the time draws near for RIM (Research in Motion) the company behind the ever popular Blackberry to find out if they will be able to continue to offer their popular e-mail service. If the chance (ever so slightly) that they do have to stop their service I’d like to believe the Sidekick could step […]

    Here’s a screenshot from my first (and very basic) Nintendo DS game, as of this writing still unnamed. When finished it will consist of three similar games, I have two of the three programmed at this time; in the first game you touch matching tiles as quickly as possible trying to make a high […]

Over at Engadget they have some recently loosed photos of what could be the Sidekick 3. On first appearances it looks to be quite larger and carries updated graphics on the chooser. It seems to have the same girl from the chooser in a new red dress pointing at the current bundle. I’ve always thought […]

I’ve had to combine a few resources into one to make it easier to manage. has gone away, never to return, doesn’t cater to only Newton programming, and I’m adding a new section, Nintendo DS programming to the ranks as well.  I’m starting to check back on old software and doing some updates […]