The Best of 2005


Turns out Danger Inc. was on to something when they released the Sidekick/Hiptop. Even ABC News had nice things to say about their cell phone.

The Sidekick II is a pleasure to use for messaging thanks to its rubber QWERTY keys, conveniently located navigation buttons, and scroll wheel. Yet another plus: Danger, Inc. (the company that helped develop Sidekick) has released an update to its operating system that supports JavaScript, a common Web language that enables special functions on certain sites.

Of course they are mentioning the 2.3 update that I’m certain everyone has received by now. So far the main update to the browser front, that I can determine, is Gmail is accessible now and I can’t stop running out of memory when I load pages. All in all I’m still very pleased with my phone and have decided to stick with it till the SKIII comes out. Whenever that might be (interested in more SKIII rumors check out


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