Bid Lots, now available in source format!


Here’s a new program that I wrote to help win more eBay auctions. I’m going to start opening up more of my source code now that I have no free time to continue programming. Want to take a look? Of course you do, all you do is leave a comment on any post I’ve made, once you have I’ll be happy to email you a copy of the source to Bid Lots. I figure at least this way I’ll be able to help out the new-comers to the Java/Sidekick programming scene this way. Look forward to more releases soon.

5 Responses to “Bid Lots, now available in source format!”

  1. Looks to be a very interesting application for the device. I’d like to test it out and leave you some feedback on skdr. My username is kcoury on skdr. From the screenshots Bid Lots looks pretty neat.

  2. It may look neat, but it’s pretty janky. Best of luck, I’m sending it right now.

  3. aww geez i feel retarded now. this is EXACTLY what i’ve been trying to do for the last 3 days. I’ve been usin because a midlet i ported (AbidiaWireless) wasn’t working properly. I’ve either been going about that route or waiting til i’m online at the computer. Anywho, I have an auction currently going right now, 7574526227 is my item number. Hopefully I get the 1300 i’m lookin for. I’d like to actually take this source and make something out of it if you don’t mind. My auction ends in 3 days, please let me know…email me at brandonjbsmith AT cox DOT net

  4. hey duder, looks awesome. I’d love to help you out with testing your project, as i’m looking for one to help out with in some form (i have yet to actually get to learning how to code. Next semester…)–>

  5. 5 Vitaly

    I would love to try this app. Personally I am always selling/buying on ebay and this would help me a termendous amount as far as that goes. If youd like to send me the source code Id greatly appreciate it. Just email me it or something. Thanks

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