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Turns out Danger Inc. was on to something when they released the Sidekick/Hiptop. Even ABC News had nice things to say about their cell phone. The Sidekick II is a pleasure to use for messaging thanks to its rubber QWERTY keys, conveniently located navigation buttons, and scroll wheel. Yet another plus: Danger, Inc. (the company […]

I’ve updated my Sample file for beginning programmers of the Danger Hiptop. The sample file is a fully working program that is available as a starting point for beginning to write a program. The program does absolutely nothing on it’s own, but is an easy way to start a new program from the beginning without […]

Here’s a new program that I wrote to help win more eBay auctions. I’m going to start opening up more of my source code now that I have no free time to continue programming. Want to take a look? Of course you do, all you do is leave a comment on any post I’ve made, […]