Ooo . . . pretty.


Well the limited edition Sidekicks were great. Stress the WERE part. Turns out someone leaked a few pictures of the SKIII. Be still my beating heart. At least maybe. I’m not a big fan of the chicklet keyboard but time will tell.

Check out for some great photos of the new dream machine.


2 Responses to “Ooo . . . pretty.”

  1. Hey, soo recently I got an obsession with the Sidekick. Ever since, my cell phone company came out with a great deal and a good plan, I’ve been wanting to get one. Especially, after seeing a ton of celebrities using it, and of course.. all this talking about the hot hiptop in this blog, I feel like I gotta get one. BUT, should I really? Should I wait for the new Sidekick III to come out? Sidekick II did come out a while ago. Also, is there a way to download MSN Messanger onto my Sidekick? I don’s use AOL Instant Messanger. What do you think?

  2. No way to use MSN on a Sidekick, except for Jabber which was ported over and is posted at, but I’ve never used it myself. I’m personally thinking of getting rid of my Sidkick but now that the SKIII is around the bend (according to some reports as soon as March of 06) I’m thinking about hanging on.

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