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Well the limited edition Sidekicks were great. Stress the WERE part. Turns out someone leaked a few pictures of the SKIII. Be still my beating heart. At least maybe. I’m not a big fan of the chicklet keyboard but time will tell. Check out for some great photos of the new dream machine. Advertisements

Turns out that a custom Sidekick II is easier said than done. At you can customize the Sidekick you have now for a truely incredible low low price. I’d love to recommend it more but I haven’t sent my Sidekick off so I could only speculate at the quality (a nice site helps to […]

Laguna Beach?


  Turns out when you follow pre-fabricated drama for MTV it’s so much easier to keep it going when you have a Sidekick. Or better yet two. Wonder what programs (if any) they’ve purchased from the Download Fun. I should recommend them for Developer Keys as a springboard to get more people to use Alpha-Kick!