Oh yeah, that new Sidekick.


It may not be the Sidekick III, but at least it is something new. I’v e had to wait to get my scanner up and running before I could post this photo. In the latest issue of Cargo (a magazine that I couldn’t recommend highly enough – a subscription of 10 issues runs just $.97 an issue) they have a quick blurb about the limited edition Sidekick due out in October. An all black case with a design surrounding the screen created by Mister Cartoon; a reknowned tattoo artist.

Not only does the Sidekick sport a new look it also has a few added features; access to NetFlix, TiVo, and your eVite account. I’m thinking that it just has a few added Chooser controls to link to the websites where users can access their settings for NetFlix, TiVo, and eVite instead of an actual program. Remember that the latest OTA allows Javascript controls-which each of these sites require to use. Just something to remember.

Check out more of Mr. Cartoon’s ink work at his offical website, www.mistercartoon.com.


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