Turns out even Big Brother likes to keep in touch.


Over at TVgasm they have pictures from CBS’s Big Brother 6 wrap party. Not only was this season of Big Brother really good (almost from start to finish-kinda flaked out after Janelle was kicked out) but it goes to show that some of the cast members have good taste.

In particular one of the contestants named Beau (a personal shopper from Florida – surprisingly enough he also appeared in an episode of MTV’s Made, though he wasn’t sporting the Danger Hiptop in that episode) wanted to show off his crystal encrusted Sidekick II (get your own at www.jenniferkaufman.com). They even encrusted his name on it. He may not have won the $500 thousand dollar prize of Big Brother but he apparently isn’t doing bad on his own. Follow along at TVgasm’s Big Brother 6 Wrap Party: Exclusive TVgasm Photos

I wonder if he has the same connection issues that I’m having? Or if he’s waiting for the new OTA update to arrive? Or if he even knows what an OTA update is? I just hope Beau knows that everyone watching Big Brother or Made knows his dog’s name, so hopefully he won’t use it to recover a lost password. Because I’d hate to see those pictures.

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