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It may not be the Sidekick III, but at least it is something new. I’v e had to wait to get my scanner up and running before I could post this photo. In the latest issue of Cargo (a magazine that I couldn’t recommend highly enough – a subscription of 10 issues runs just $.97 […]

Over at TVgasm they have pictures from CBS’s Big Brother 6 wrap party. Not only was this season of Big Brother really good (almost from start to finish-kinda flaked out after Janelle was kicked out) but it goes to show that some of the cast members have good taste. In particular one of the contestants […]

The Newton and related items are gone. Thanks to one and all for the intrest shown but I’ve already received the laptop and my wife loves it. Thanks Newton community for four years of support.

On VH1’s Hogan Knows Best if you look closely (or have the ability to pause live television) you can catch a glimpse of T-Mobile’s Danger Sidekick. The Hogan family, for those people who don’t follow their weekly exploits, make bad decisions on a daily basis. But, for staying connected the Hulkster’s brood does realize that […]