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  Since it’s been a while since I’ve released something I just wanted everyone to take a quick look at my latest work, Chalkboard Jumble. Enjoy the screen shots for now I hope to have something released by the end of next week. It’s a word game played similar to Mastermind. You enter words in […]

Looks like Danger is making waves with their world-class service and cutting edge technology; turns out AlwaysOn named Danger in their top 100 list of private companies. Congrats to Danger and all their hard work to make it on the list; find out the other 99 companies at AlwaysOn.

Well they would hold hands if either of them had hands that is. Turns out that Danger will now focus of development of the Hiptop and it’s software while MCI will provide the network coverage that every Hiptop owner desperately needs. Specifically, Danger will make use of MCI’s Premium Data Center Services to boost performance, […]

Looks like I’m at it again. After taking a few weeks off I’ve decided to start developing new software for the Hiptop. I have put a lot of work into some new programs and hope to release something in the next week or two. While I was at it (thanks to jgeorge at least) I […]

a color newton.


Ever wanted to see what the NewtonOS merged with Mac 9 would look like, while at the same time reading someone’s hopes soon after the death of the Newton? Well at you can sate both your cravings and read what the future could have held. I’m guessing since Apple just switched to Intel that […]

simple history.



Find out how others would change the T-Mobile Sidekick II over at Engadget.